Garbage Chute Cleaning

The Mega Meter Cleaning Services LLC strives for excellence in cleaning, which encompasses the entire cleaning lifecycle.

Garbage Chutes allows to collect the garbage centrally and mostly designed with elbows, which helps to reduce the falling force of discarded garbage, as the direct fall of discarded garbage could damage the skips and/or compactors.

As discarded garbage falls through the chute and hits the elbows bags, and elbow bags have a tendency to open or rip. As elbow bags rips open, any wet garbage will stick to the inner walls and dry garbage will stick to the wet garbage creating bacteria/ virus build up, odor problems and even fire risks.

MEGA METER Cleaning Services LLC are well experienced with fully equipped and skilled in the industry of Garbage Chute cleaning with state of art machinery and guaranteed results for disinfection and decontamination of garbage chutes.

During Garbage Chute Cleaning process we follow step by step process of cleaning which includes:

  • Degreasing and disinfect the inside of the chute
  • Rinse the garbage chute of any garbage or debris.
  • Go to each floor and clean the chute doors with a disinfectant and a coarse pad.
  • Clean garbage room
  • Deodorize using Ozone

Quality is our top priority

We assure our client that they will get the service they deserve. Our Quality inspectors keep our technicians on their toes so that they continue to provide you with the highest quality and most thorough service.

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