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The Mega Meter Cleaning Services LLC strives for excellence in cleaning, which encompasses the entire cleaning lifecycle.

Carpeted floors are a popular choice in most offices due to the luxurious look and warm ambience they offer.  They also create a feeling of comfort and hospitality. And as all luxurious and fancy things requires regular maintenance your carpets also requires care. Offices in which there are several outside visitors also tend to get their carpets soiled more easily.  Dirty footwear, spilled coffee, fallen pieces of paper or plastics, are just a few threats to your precious office carpeting. In fact, the more plush or fancy your carpet, the more care it requires, especially in an office where often a high number of employees, are required to move between their workstations, meeting rooms and around office in general.

Why Your Carpets Need Cleaning?

As carpets are made from fibers, they naturally absorb all kinds of dirt, dust and grime. This includes everything from pollutants in the air to larger pieces of grit brought in on shoes. Left unclean, these dull and darken the color of your carpet and can erode the fibers, leading to permanent damage. At the same time, sticky or oily substances from human contact, shoes or spillages coat themselves onto individual fibers. Once sticky, they bond together flattening the carpet’s pile and texture.
Sticky fibers also trap food particles, chemicals and allergens and become a breeding ground for microbes and bugs. Left for too long, carpets can become unhygienic, transferring bacteria and fungi back onto your skin and aiding the infestation of dust mites, animal fleas and carpet bugs. Whilst regular vacuuming can help in removing some of the dirt, it won’t clean the carpet thoroughly.

What Happens to Unclean Carpets?

After a while, carpets will begin to look dirty and feel less cozy to walk or sit on, especially in high traffic areas. This can make offices less presentable and inviting for your clients, guests and employees. Dirty carpets often start to give off acrid odor, too. These can be caused by bug droppings, trapped chemicals and by bacteria, mildew and fungi. All these can give your carpets an unpleasant and embarrassing smell. Besides looking and smelling dirty, the biggest problem is that unclean carpets eventually become a health hazard. They can cause allergies, asthma attacks, fungal and bacterial infections and the exacerbation of respiratory problems.

Health problems caused by unclean carpets

Respiratory problems, allergies, stomach infections
Fungus, mould are attracted to damp, dirty carpets like moths to a flame.  These micro-organisms are known to affect the body’s immune system over time causing a range of health problems such as asthma and other skin or digestive infections.
Rashes, eye and nose infections
Dusty carpets are an ideal breeding ground for dust mites. They feed off the bacteria and stick to the carpet if not cleaned.  Breathing in these dust mites can cause all sorts of skin rashes, and eye and nose infections.
Athlete’s foot
The bacteria or fungus that collects on an unclean carpet can infiltrate into the body through cuts in the feet, causing a condition known as Athlete’s foot.  For those who wear open sandals in the office, this could be a possible outcome.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Keeping your carpet clean at the work place is an important task that needs to be done.  Cleaning and maintenance of office carpeting, involves a two-fold approach:

  1. Daily vacuuming of carpeting to get rid of dust particles, bits of paper, snack crumbs etc.
  2. Monthly or quarterly shampooing of the entire carpeted floors to remove stains and disinfecting it, to offer the carpet a brand new look

Both of these are necessary for any office premise, whether big or small.

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service

Running an office is a strenuous job for the administrative department, which is often understaffed and overworked! In such cases, it is best to outsource your carpet cleaning requirements to professionals who have the people, equipment and know-how to carry out the routine and monthly/quarterly cleaning of your office carpet.

Is It Time to Get Your Carpets Clean?

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